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Don’t ever try to fact-check Taraji P. Henson on History because she’ll put you in your place. Everyone’s favorite Empire star, recently posted an excerpt about the infamous Willie Lynch letter on her Instagram account to combat the light skin/dark skin debate that plagues the Black community: #knowledgeispower #pokeyourthirdeye #READ #NOEXCUSE #WEHAVEALIBRARYINOURPHONE #CaryOn ✌?️??? A […]

We’ve all seen and secretly love the cat (and dog) fights that happen on the show because what happens in Empire fight club rarely stays there. Check out a few gifs of our favorite confrontations. What are some of your favorite fight scenes in Empire? Tweet us @tvonetv.

We’re always focusing on the deceit and drama that plague the Lyon clan, that we sometimes overlook the assistants that keep their heads above water. Porsha keeps Cookie in check and Becky makes sure Lucious stays suave, and they both do it effortlessly. They are the best ride or dies because they… Tweet us @tvonetv and […]

This weekend we’re celebrating DADS everywhere! Way too often fathers get the short end of the stick, so don’t forget to let your old man know how much he means to you! Speaking of, could you imagine if America’s most popular Dad, Lucious Lyon, was your pop?! Here are 10 moments that you may experience: 1. […]

When “Empire” first hit last year, it was seen as the dawn of the big, Black drama. With a strong cast and a huge budget, the show dominated our social feeds and took over our Wednesdays nights. And while it definitely felt new to see US in a weekly drama, there was something . . […]