TV One Presents ‘Tough Love: Los Angeles’

by Tough Love: Los Angeles

November 19, 2020

TV One has announced the premiere date of the new series TOUGH LOVE: LOS ANGELES airing Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at 10 P.M. ET/9C.

A spinoff of the popular digital series TOUGH LOVE, this 10-episode series follows a new group of young, unapologetically Black millennials living in Los Angeles, as they participate in a social experiment about love and relationships within the Black community. As they start to open up about intimate secrets, they reveal secrets and deceit that might jeopardize their tight-knit friendship circle.

At a gathering honoring the birthday of Mya’s (Lauren Wilkins) late brother who was murdered by the police, members of this group begin to show cracks in their façade. Mya is on a daily hunt for justice, while also battling anxiety and depression, however, her boyfriend Rashad’s (Jamy Pierrevil) questionable interactions with other women are threatening to make matters worse. Singles Raymond (Javon Terrell) and Story (Kamri Cole) are trying to navigate the dating world but might form a deeper connection. Engaged couple Denise (Symphony Canady) and Brian (Lance A. Williams) are working to strike a balance between their careers and wedding planning. Though their love lives are set to #itscomplicated status, they decide to come together to help out with fees for Mya’s legal battle by participating in a paid relationship study. As they begin to open up during the sessions the secrets they’ve tried so hard to hide become immediately uncovered and force them to consider their roles in one another’s lives.


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