After 17 years of marriage, AJ tries to save Issac and Harriett's marriage by highlighting the importance of listening to their partner's needs and desires.

Blair Underwood and his wife Desiree DaCosta are calling it quits. The actor and DaCosta announced the news in a joint statement on Instagram this week. After 27 years of marriage and three children together, the couple has decided to divorce. “After a tremendous amount of thought, prayer, and work on ourselves individually and collectively, […]

Raymond is confronted with the harsh reality that his dating choices may be due to the possible trauma from his relationship with his mother. Is trauma to blame or his big brother, Rashad?

Rashad and Mya continue to have relationship issues. He thinks it’s unrealistic to expect a man to be with one woman for the rest of his life. But, how does Mya feel?

Mya feels that Black people struggle in relationships more than other races partly due to systemic oppression. Could what happened to her brother be the cause of her relationship issues?

Mr. “I don’t date Black women,” Raymond, is back at it on his dating app. He’s swiped right for several women, many of which are NOT Black. But are his friends surprised?

Millennial friends participate in a paid study about romantic relationships in the Black community which results in intimate secrets being revealed.