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Andrea Kelly has been quietly problematic for years. And let’s be very clear, none of this has anything to do with the abuse she alleges happened at the hands of her ex-husband R. Kelly. But now that’s she’s returning to reality television (remember Hollywood Exes?), we’re left wondering…why? Before we get into that, watch the trailer for Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta and its newest cast member below.

Yeah. So here’s the issue. Since the release of Lifetime’s now infamous documentary Surviving R. Kelly, Drea, as she’s commonly referred to has been in the news for a few seemingly contradictory actions on her part. There was this video of her singing Step In The Name Of Love in 2017 while on Facebook Live.

And then there were multiple interviews, including this one, where she seemingly praised her “baby daddy” for his legendary status in the music industry and even celebrated him never being a “one-hit wonder”. Watch below.

Right. At this point, it just seems as if Drea is going to ride the R. Kelly train until the wheels fall off. And honestly, it’s annoying. And beneath her. As a classically trained dancer, there’s so much to attach her name to, as she’s done in the past. But Growing Up Hip Hop? Why? It’s clear from the clip the bulk of storyline will be about the new charges against the singer and the decades-long accusations against him. And we’re bored already.

TELL US: Do you think Drea should move on with her life without mentioning her ex-husband?

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