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If you are familiar with Quincy Jones‘ story (or watched his Netflix documentary) you may know he and Ray Charles were best friends as teenagers. While on tour, if you believe the musical icon, Ray got him addicted to Heroin at just 15 years old.


During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, the 85-year-old opened up about his experience with the narcotic. “After we finished at the Washington Social Club and a couple of other ones, we’d all go down to Jackson Street to the Elks Club. That’s where all the bebop jam sessions were. Nobody got paid. We didn’t give a damn. When they finished playing they’d go over in the corner and they had it on their thumb. I just snuck in the line and got me a little hit.”

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But it wasn’t until a horrific fall down a flight of stairs that put him on bed rest, that he knew he was addicted.

“The mistakes are what help you grow and learn. That was a big one. [If I hadn’t fallen.] I would have been in New York, where I was hanging out with [jazz musician] Charlie Parker. I would have been a junkie forever. Bird was always high. Thank god we did it and got it over with.”

This isn’t the first time Quincy has spilled the beans about his former friends. Earlier this year he apologized for calling Michael Jackson a thief, exposing Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor‘s alleged relationship, a fact Pryor’s daughter denies, but the comedian’s widow confirmed as true.

TELL US: Is this another instance of Quincy exposing too much or does he have the right to share?

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