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In the last few weeks Quincy Jones has sounded off about everything, including Michael Jackson‘s plastic surgery and greed, dating Ivanka Trump, casting Donald Glover in a biopic about his life and Marlon Brando‘s alleged sexual relationship with comedian Richard Pryor, author James Baldwin and Marvin Gaye.

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Since Q’s comments, Pryor’s daughter Rain, has spoken out about the allegations against her father. In a Facebook post yesterday, the 48-year-old trashed the music mogul claims.

That same day she tackled the rumor of Brando and her father’s relationship. “My dad was very open with his life, so much so that news of his relationship with a trans woman in the early 70s and 80s wasn’t really newsworthy…he did not have relations with Brando.”

Despite, Rain’s claims, the comedic legend’s widow, Jennifer Lee, confirmed this week that her late husband did indeed have a relationship with the film star.

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Talk about messy.

TELL US: Fair or foul – should Rain have responded to Quincy’s claims?

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