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Three days after news broke that Joe Jackson died from terminal cancer at 89, Bette Midler celebrated his death on social media, a move that shocked many, considering we don’t know of any history the two might have had. The 72-year-old actress slammed Papa Joe in an angry tweet even taunting Quincy Jones to weigh in on the matter.

So what does the music mogul have to do with all of this? In a series of bizarre interviews earlier this year, Jones said Michael Jackson was a thief, calling him ‘greedy’ and of course, Papa Joe lashed out saying he ‘knew better’. Watch below.

We’re assuming she wanted Quincy to share in the celebration given his harsh words. But the bigger question is, why does she care so much? What we know to be true is how strict and maybe even cruel Papa Joe was to his children growing up. But what does that have to do with celebrating the loss of their father? Did the two have something going on that we don’t know about? The hatred just seems a bit too over the top.

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