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This is getting ridiculous. Black people can’t seem to do anything these days without the cops getting called on them. Darren Martin, a former White House staffer during the Barack Obama administration, moved back to his home state of New York with an unpleasant welcome.

As he was moving into his apartment on Friday, neighbors called the police on him believing he was a burglar. Yes, while carrying boxes…IN. Check out his recap of events below:

#MovingWhileBlack is the term Martin used to describe his “offense” that caused six officers to show up at the complex. PIX 11 News reported that police found nothing criminal about the New York native’s activity in an investigation, and no arrests were made.

This news comes on the heels of similar events where the cops were called on a group of black women for golfing too slow last week in Pennsylvania, and the arrest of two black men for simply sitting inside of a Philadelphia Starbucks. Black people are being profiled for simply living and existing, and it’s repulsive.

We’re hopeful that Darren’s neighbors will refrain from calling the police on him when he enters and exits his building moving forward, as he does not plan on moving out anytime soon.

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