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So in the last few months, we’ve learned that black people can’t walk on their own lawns, can’t sit inside of Starbucks, and now can’t even go golfing without getting the cops called on them. Five black women, who are members of Grandview Golf Club in Pennsylvania, were asked to leave multiple times for playing too slow on Saturday.

“Many of us were having great drive days. We were slamming that ball,” Sandra Thompson, a lawyer and the president of the York chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. told the New York Times. “So when they were trying to say ‘too slow of a pace,’ that was just false.”

The women went on to take a break after playing nine holes (which is standard for playing 18 holes of golf) and one of the club’s owners approached them, claiming they were taking too long and that police had been called. Myneca Ojo, one of the golfers, recorded the interaction. Check it out below:

The cops arrived and determined that, of course, there were no arrests to be made and that the women didn’t do anything wrong. Additionally, no one was charged in the incident.

“There was no need for us to be there and we left,” police told the news outlet. The club owner’s wife issued an apology to the members for making them feel uncomfortable.

 It’s going to take more than a few shallow “sorrys” and teachings about racism to fix this nation-wide issue.

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