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“Welcome to Starbucks, where the only thing that can be black is your coffee.”

This was just one of the internet’s reactions to two black men being arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks. The reason? They hadn’t ordered anything.

Since the unfortunate incident, there have been calls to boycott the coffee eatery from celebrities like T.I., James Fortune, Angela Rye and others. A few days later Starbucks apologized, using the standard company line about “reviewing policies”.

After realizing their apology was tone-deaf and did absolutely nothing to address the issue, CEO Kevin Johnson announced 8,500 stores would close nationwide on May 29 for “racial-bias education”. Really? More than a month later?

Riiiiiight. Now in full disclosure Johnson reportedly did apologize to the men saying, “you can and should expect more from us.” He also confirmed that the manager that called the cops no longer worked at that particular location.

And along with that expectation how about a sizeable check for the way you mistreated the civil rights of two black man. How’s that for what we should expect?

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