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Last year K. Michelle or Kimberly as she likes to be addressed by now, started the process of removing her infamous butt injections, a promise she made to herself and the world in 2015. The Florida A&M graduate told The Real how complicated and uncomfortable her surgically enhanced derriere made life.

Now the 33-year-old (whose birthday is this weekend) is nearly done with the extractions and paid a visit to Dr. Oz to talk about the process.

In the episode Dr. Michael Niccole reveals he was only able to remove 40 percent of the injections, as it would be impossible to remove them all. The singer apparently had thousands of pellets injected into her butt that expanded like a sponge.

Kimberly showed off her new shape on Instagram and while you might not notice a big difference, compared to her old shape, you can definitely see it.

K. Michelle is currently on tour promoting her fourth studio album Kimberly: The People I Used To Know. Find out when the singer will be in your city here.

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