2012 MTV Video Music Awards – Red Carpet

After Frank Ocean posted a picture of himself inside of a cop car and captioned it “worst trip ever,” rumors quickly spread that he was arrested for receiving fellatio – presumably by his still only rumored boyfriend, model Willy Cartier.

However, the source of that story was a blog I had never heard of until yesterday, which is why I questioned why people were so quick to believe that Frank was suddenly Django Unzipped based on a single photo.

My skepticism has now been confirmed since the real breaker of celebrity jailbird news, TMZ, has reported on the real reason why Frank was arrested. It appears that Ocean was booked on having weed to smoke versus Willy trying to smoke him in public.

More from the Oracle:

Law enforcement tells TMZ, Ocean was pulled over in Mono County, CA for going 90 in 65 — and when officers approached his black BMW, they smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from his vehicle.

We’re told Ocean was cited for marijuana possession, driving on a suspended license, and tinted windows.

Ocean was released on the spot, but his passenger had to drive him home — because cops confiscated Ocean’s license.

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