30 Days to Victory Concert – San Francisco, CA

In President Obama doesn’t owe you a damn thing, but make your demands under a false sense of entitlement anyway report, The Pointer Sisters are not happy that Obama has never invited them to sing at the White House. Why would he invite them? Well, they have a song called “Yes We Can Can” and Obama’s campaign slogan is “Yes We Can.”

Yeah, I rolled my eyes, too.

Here’s the rest, though:

TMZ caught up to Anita Pointer at LAX Friday and she tells us she’s hurt the Commander in Chief never banked on the opportunity to blend his famous election platform "Yes We Can" with their 1973 classic — which happens to be about making the world a better place.

Anita tells us she even reached out to the White House to ask about performing the hit tune for the Prez — but heard crickets back.

So the question is, will she vote for him after the snub? Is there hope she can still sing at the W.H. — ya gotta watch and find out.

Check them out performing the song below:

I’m not going to lie. I did bob my head. Maybe they can perform at the second inauguration.

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