Chad Johnson Released From Broward County Jail

Like his fellow currently out of the league friend, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson has a baby mama problem — namely one themed around money.

According to TMZ, Andrea Pearson has filed legal docs in Miami claiming that Chad has been consistently late on paying bills and currently owes more than 5k in child support. Pearson says she doesn’t have the means to support her child as a result of his lack of payment, thus she wants the court to make Chad pay up as soon as possible.

Should he not pay, Andrea wants Chad in jail until he honors their child support agreement. TMZ says Chad’s lawyer had no comment, but quoted sources saying he has always provided for their child and even bought the mother a home.

I’m going to withhold judgment on that “no means to provide for the child” thing since I don’t know the full story. All I’ll say is he should honor their agreement, but I do hope she’s working, too.

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