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Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is starting a new project with executive producer of hit series Power, Courtney Kemp. According to both of their social media, Kemp is super excited to write a new movie for the former wrestler about his life and showcase just how he became The Rock. Is this the making of another great biopic?

Johnson posted a photo of the two together with the caption: “She had me at – I want to write a movie script that shows a raw, human side of you the world has never seen. A pleasure to sit for hours with the creator of POWER and prolific writer, @courtneyakemp. I was impressed at the deep dived research she did on my life and career before our meeting. She writes brilliantly flawed, edgy, exposed, vulnerable, intense characters and she had a take on my life in ways no writer ever has. A fascinating POV from this woman, on what makes me the man I am today.” Johnson ended his post with #JohnsonKemp.

Even Kemp posted a photo of the two’s first meeting on social media. Showing fans how excited she was to meet with the 45-year-old actor as they embark on this new project together. She said in her post, “Sometimes you meet someone and they inspire you to reach a new level. This man is the real deal. Even stronger more real than you can imagine. He’s ready for any challenge. That inspires me to live the same way.” 

We’re not quite sure what type of movie magic the two might be making. Though actor, Tyrese agrees with Kemp about The Rock’s incredible story. Watch this amazing video of a young Rock witnessing his father, the great Rocky Johnson in the ring.

#WhyDoOurFathersLeaveUs The look on teenage Dewayne @TheRock “Johnson’s face says it all…. long before he became our hero he HAD a hero in his father…… Look at his fathers build, look at him in the ring, look at the desire to WIN and be the BEST in his fathers eyes………. that same desire to win was so infectious it was passed on literally to his son…….. Our hero was raised by a hero from what I’m hearing was also raised by a hero 3 generations of main stage bad ass wrestlers …… This is why I’m so in love with being a father and really being involved in my daughter’s life cause RIGHT NOW we ARE the blueprint we ARE the example we ARE our kids greatest point of reference to WHAT peace, marriage and success IS……. The MEN you date, the WOMEN you bring around your kids they will study it and BECOME what is consistently around them……… Fathers who can SEE this message just maybe like me YOU didn’t have a father so you have created these angels and are for whatever reason just NOT interested in anything that HAS to do with being a father……….. I just wanna tell you that pain that you still or abandonment issues that you still feel in your chest of NOT having a father that was NEVER THERE on ANY level for you? You are now creating that EXACT same feeling in your little boy or girls Heart…… it’s PAINFUL to be raised without a father fucking painful and to think YOU think you’re the only one who can feel what you’re feeling….. google BREAKING the cycle…… I’ve had private and very public BM issues like everyone else you gotta do what you have to do to make SURE yours don’t feel WHAT you are still feeling right now from NOT having a father or mother at home……. Gn

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