“Safe House” New York Premiere – Outside Arrivals

In what’s become one of the worst moments of Mitt Romney’s candidacy for president (and growing!), actor, director and ex-mayor Clint Eastwood rambled relentlessly to a chair during his time at this year’s Republican National Convention. Many people – particularly Blacks – were offended by Eastwood’s blatant disrespect of President Obama.

On social media and near an Obama-loving Black woman near you, I believe the overall sentiment was “To hell with him.”

However, Denzel Washington still has love for him. So much so that he continues to call him his “hero.” Different strokes, folks.

Via the Associated Press:

Clint Eastwood has taken a lot of barbs over his empty chair routine at the Republican National Convention, but Denzel Washington still holds the film legend in high regard.

“I have the utmost respect for him as an actor and as a director,” Washington said. “He’s my hero.”

Although Washington supported Obama in 2008, he graciously declined to address an empty chair or do any “Eastwooding,” as it’s come to be known on the Internet. He calls himself an independent and said in this election he isn’t committing to either side.

“I listen to both sides of the argument and try to make an assessment,” he said.

“Independents” are so cute to me, especially in election years like these where there is very, very middle ground between the parties.

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