As an early test of the Trump’s administration’s tolerance for police brutality and resolving tensions in the Black community, it seems the Justice Department under Jeff Sessions rule saw it fit NOT to charge the four officers responsible for killing Alton Sterling last year.

If you remember the case, there was cell phone video of Sterling being pinned to the ground by two officers for allegedly fitting the description of a man threatening someone with a gun. One of cops yell, “He’s got a gun!,” and in a matter of seconds the 37-year-old was dead.

Sterling’s death sparked nationwide protests as the incident came the day before a police officer in Minnesota gunned down Philando Castile on Facebook Live.  That same week five police officers in Dallas were gunned down by a Black man.

Sessions still has to “investigate” possible police misconduct in the 2014 case of  Eric Garner, whose death, like Castille’s and so many others, were captured on tape.

TELL US: Will Eric Garner’s family get justice or do will this be a pattern under the Trump administration?

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