After two days of violent headlines, Friday begins with another.

As downtown Dallas, Texas protests against police brutality (sparked by the filmed deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile) came to a peaceful end Thursday night, sniper fire rang out from elevated positions above the Dallas protesters, CNN reports.

However, it seemed the target were the police themselves who were present at the protest to ensure order.  In total, 11 officers were shot, leaving five dead. Two civilians were also injured.

And while one suspect is confirmed dead and three more are in custody, Dallas Police have not yet confirmed how many people were involved in the shooting.

According to Police Chief David Brown, one of the suspects “told our negotiators that the end is coming” and that there were bombs planted around the city. No bombs have yet been found.

President Obama, speaking from Warsaw, Poland at a NATO summit called the attacks “a vicious, despicable and calculated attack on law enforcement.”

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