George Zimmerman gave his first public interview on July 18, 2012, on Fox News, and his comments continue to contradict earlier statements he gave to authorities about the night he shot Trayvon Martin.

In the interview, Zimmerman said he wasn’t pursuing the black teenager that fateful night, he was only keeping an eye on him so that he could give an accurate address to police. However, in the 911 call, the neighborhood watchman says he is following Martin, and that "they" always get away.

Zimmerman also apologized to the Martin family, but said he feels "it was all God’s plan" and he doesn’t have any regrets. He went on to say he is neither a racist nor a murderer. In an interview with Matt Lauer on TODAY, Martin’s parents rejected Zimmerman’s philosophy that it was God’s plan for their teen son to be killed that evening.

In other developments, $36,000 of the money Zimmerman raised on his website was spent in just a couple weeks leading up to his first release on bail back in April. Zimmerman and his wife spent the money on cell phones (and paid them up for a year), internet, car repairs, rent and paid off credit card debt. They also spent time on the Maryland shore. Judge Lester felt the Zimmermans were preparing for a life on the run, and increased his bond to $1 million.

What do you think? Was it all God’s plan? Were the Zimmermans preparing to run or just catching up on bills? Share your thoughts in our comments.

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