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Trey Songz Flips Out, Gets Arrested

by James Hill

December 29, 2016

Somebody get your boy.

Actually, the police DID get your boy last night at the end of a Detroit concert in which he was told to leave the stage and instead had a temper tantrum. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, Police Officer Dan Donakowski said “He was told his set was over, that he would have to get off the stage. . . At which time, he became irate and started throwing objects (from) the stage; speakers, microphones, anything he could get his hands on.” Check it out here:

OK, so embarrassing as that might look. Nothing criminal right?


Turns out something Songz (born Tremaine Neverson) tossed hit a cop in the head leaving him with a concussion and the singer charged with suspicion of resisting and obstructing, as well as malicious destruction of property.

TELL US: What do you think happened?