Lil Wayne has been going through it lately.

From his annoyance with BLM questions and his legal woes with Cash Money CEO Baby, his past few experiences with the media have not been so nice.

During a performance of the popular song, “Cash Money Milliionaires,” which boasts his allegiance to the record label, Lil Wayne dropped a bomb on us:

Remixing the lyrics from “Cash Money” to “Rocafella” blew our wigs back! Did Jay Z finally get to sign Lil Wayne to Roc Nation? We heard rumors that mogul was in pursuit of the Louisiana-born rapper, but has the ink finally dried on the contract? What does this mean for acts like Drake and Nicki Minaj who have affiliations with both Lil Wayne and Baby?

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So many questions…so few answers.

Rapper 2 Chainz posted to Instagram to what seems like a confirmation to the shocking news:


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