We don’t know what it is about true crime that has us so hooked, but each week we wait anxiously to uncover the next love story that goes horribly wrong.

Here are 5 reactions that we have with each episode:

1. We see the setup of a seemingly perfect love story but we know better.

giphy (40)


2. We’re strangely attracted to one of the actors in the dramatic reenactment scenes.

giphy (41)


3. As the story unfolds we become convinced that we have our suspect.

giphy (42)


4. We’re disgusted, yet fascinated with the amount of blood that they’re willing to show on this show.

giphy (43)


5. We are completely shocked when we find out that the person we suspected of the crime was actually innocent.

giphy (44)


BONUS: We get complete satisfaction knowing that justice was served. We can’t wait to tune in again next week.

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TELL US: What are some of your reactions when you watch Fatal Attraction?