UPDATE: A third night of protest was far more subdued than previous nights, despite an official midnight curfew which ultimately was not enforced by police, says CNN. Reports say many protesters met the National Guard with handshakes and hugs even as many still fumed over the highly-conflicted police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said she is hopeful that police will soon release the footage from the shooting even as a law that makes such footage harder to release approaches on the first of next month.

UPDATE: A second night of protests over the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott involved one citizen getting shot, CNN reports. First reports had the unidentified man as dead and another listing him in “critical condition.” Either way, the city maintains the man was not shot by police but by another citizen.

It’s only Wednesday and we’ve seen two police shootings of Black men.

First, Terence Crutcher whose death last Friday was released on video this week sparking national outrage.

Yesterday, Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by Charlotte, North Carolina cops who claims he had a gun, though initial reports say Scott was quietly reading in his car. His daughter, who was at the scene, began streaming the immediate aftermath to Facebook — much like Diamond Reynolds did after an officer killed her boyfriend Philando Castille earlier this year. NOTE: This video contains NSFW language.

Scott’s death sparked a night of protests in Charlotte, seeing an angry crowd facing off with police which resulted in five arrests, seven in the hospital and 12 injured cops.

Today, CNN reports that Charlotte police are refuting the story that Scott was reading in his car and instead says that he was armed when he emerged from his car and that no book was found. The officer who shot Scott was not wearing a body camera.

TELL US: At this point, whose story do you believe — the police or the community’s?