This is “The Breakdown” where we look at some of the biggest moments in our lives (and by “our lives,” we mean stuff that was happening on TV) and get at the heart of what makes these scenes and characters so unforgettable with five thoughts.

And today, we are looking at one of the defining episodes of “Good Times” — The Black Jesus episode. So get our your hymnals and your fans because we about to go to church up in here!


  1. Can we just say this is the most WOKE episode of “Good Times” we can remember. We are used to Michael dropping science, but when J.J. said  “If ever a people were lost, we’re it.” No shade, but could you imagine that happening on “Black-ish?” Us neither.
  2. Side note: We are NOT mad at Florida’s stylish scarf. She could show up right now at an Afro Punk festival and no one would bat an eye.
  3. “Good Times” went HARD early. Don’t forget, this was only episode TWO and clearly the writing staff was swinging for the fences by not only asking a provocative question like “what if Jesus was Black,” but showing that we may not all want him to be.
  4. Speaking of which, when Florida says “I don’t know what I saw first, my mama, my papa or this Jesus” it’s easy to see that as just Florida’s case, but we know better. She was speaking for most Black folks who grew up without any idea of Jesus as a person of color. And most importantly, Florida’s love for White Jesus isn’t just some nostalgia tied to a family heirloom, it’s a very real and very twisted devotion to an idea that one’s own skin isn’t worthy of being considered divine. OOOOOOHH, can somebody say AMEN in here?!?
  5. And before you break your arm patting yourself on your back for being all pro Black Jesus, just remember an actual show called “Black Jesus” met IMMEDIATE controversy because some of us simply couldn’t handle it.

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