Whether you already love Kwame or are just finding out who he is, here are some of the songs that you HAVE to know in order to consider yourself a fan (or you could just watch his episode of Unsung tonight at 8/7c).

“Ownlee Eue”

This is Kwame’s signature jam that truly made him a force to be reckoned with. A big-time club hit, this song also sparked a relationship between him and the song’s lead singer. The video also boasts a “before she was famous” cameo from Elise Neal as a dancer.


It was the 90’s and Kwame was looking for an edge to compete with the likes of Naughty By Nature. So he put on . . . holy sh** WAS THAT VIN DIESEL?!?!? The internet claims Kwame and the action are cousins. We can’t confirm that but we sure as hell recognize Mr. Fast and Furious as the douchey boyfriend around 2:10 into the video.

“The Rhythm”

Monie Love says that this smooth joint is her favorite Kwame song ever and Ed Lover says it’s “a little Tribe Called Quest BEFORE A Tribe Called Quest.” Call it want you want, this joint is a smooth reminder of how 80’s hip-hop set the pace.


TELL US: What is your favorite Kwame jam?