Maybe it was over a man. Maybe a dress or hell, maybe one of you was just being an assh*** but we’ve all had a falling out with someone that was once near and dear to our hearts. And so you don’t see them for a while and since she’s not really on Facebook anymore, you don’t see her status updates either. And then BOOM! You’re out picking up some dinner and there. she. is. In the same aisle reaching for the same pack of chips. Aw-kward. What do you do? Well, here’s how Rickey handled it when he bumped into former co-host Ebony Steele after not talking for months.

*Wipes tears* That was beautiful and we love that Rickey started by just straight up apologizing. He didn’t try to avoid blame or laugh it off, he saw the hurt in Ebony’s eyes and did the right thing. We also like that despite her need to forgive Rickey, she didn’t hide that she was hurt — she let the emotions have their due. And when she lovingly jabbed her finger at him saying “You took my best friend away from me!” It’s not yet clear if everything is cool between these two, but we think they took the right first steps. Tune in Tuesday 8/7c to see what happened.

TELL US: What would you do in this situation? Do you think Rickey was right or wrong? How about Ebony?