"Rickey Smiley For Real" is the brand-new unscripted series that takes a humorous look at the hectic life of a nationally-syndicated radio host.

Rickey finally has all his kids out of the house, but the peace doesn’t last long as Rickey welcomes four new kids into his Birmingham mansion. Meanwhile, D’Essence faces legal consequences after her DUI. Da Brat tells Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow about her newest music venture and Gary goes public with his cancer diagnosis.

Rickey and the new kids adjust to life together. Aaryn returns from Colombia with big news of her own, she has a new step-father. Juicy is upset at Gary. Da Brat enlists Headkrack to help with her new music project. Malik gives the Smiley household’s newest residents some friendly advice. Brandon finally admits to being an alcoholic. D’Essence celebrates her 21st birthday.

Rickey hosts the Black Music Honors in Nashville but faces worry on two fronts. Later, D’essence and Aaryn visit Brandon. In Atlanta, Gary and Juicy take precautions while Da Brat hosts her event.

Unsung Celebrates 15 Years With "Best in Black" SeriesUnsung Celebrates 15 Years With "Best in Black" SeriesUnsung Celebrates 15 Years With "Best in Black" Series

Rickey makes a big announcement at the Magic City Classic. Maria Taylor visits Rickey in Atlanta.

Rickey puts his new assistant candidates to the test and gets his affairs in order during a meeting with his attorney.

Rickey tries to help Gary get over his severe water phobia by teaching him to swim, pulling out all of the stops including hypnotherapy. In the end, Gary may be left out to dry on Rickey’s boat. Rickey feels he needs a second assistant. Da Brat, Gary, and Angie interview a colorful assortment of candidates for Rickey’s second assistant position. Meanwhile, Brandon meets with Headkrack and Rock-T for some contradictory advice on whether he should get serious with Beonka. However, an outing with his homeboy Donovan to a strip club may take Brandon down the path of temptation. Craig, Malik, and Aaryn run into unexpected obstacles with their lawn care startup.

Frustrated with their lack of acting chops, Rickey, Brat, and Gary seek help from an eccentric acting coach. Brandon gets the entrepreneurial bug wanting Rickey to invest in his chicken and waffle delivery business idea. Rickey takes it upon himself to try and broker peace between D'essence and her ex-boyfriend Landon. Calling Rickey out on his pattern of choosing the wrong types of women, Brat takes matters into her own hands and sets Rickey up on a date with a female pro football player. Gary tries to lend a hand by taking Rickey shopping for the date, however, Rickey’s more interested in playing football than footsy with the lady baller. Rickey, Da Brat, and Gary get acting lessons from an eccentric acting coach. Later, Da Brat "blind-sides" Rickey by setting him up on a blind date with a lady football player. Brandon decides he wants Rickey to invest in his chicken and waffle business.

Rickey's non-existent love life is the topic at the radio station. Seeking advice from a friend, Rickey gets the real about balance.

The kids take it upon themselves to set Rickey up on a dream blind date on his impromptu trip to Miami.

Rickey looks to legally separate from Craig and Ed Lover challenges the crew to a rap battle.