“I had SUCH a crush on him!”  That’s the main thing we heard when we told folks an Unsung on Kwamé  was premiering. Slim but stylish and smooth, he definitely had the hearts of many a teen girl who rushed home to watch his videos on BET (only because TV One wasn’t around then). Every dude wanted to BE him, but every girl wanted to be WITH him and here’s why.

The suits.

Not too many rappers at 16 were as debonair.


The polka dots.

Quirky and eclectic, he strayed from the Cross Color-ish styles that prevailed.


The smooth rap style.

Whether or not on purpose, his rich storytelling was reminiscent of Slick Rick.


The sensitive lyrics.

“It don’t take a genius to know I care for you.” We wonder who the lucky lady was who inspired this song.


The slick dance moves.

Kwamé embodied the fun, party atmosphere of Hip Hop.


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