Okay so now that we’re a few days removed from the Queen of Slay’s Lemonade “visual album” (aka super commercial for Tidal) we thought it necessary to give you the tools to channel your inner Bey in case you too are trying to navigate the emotional upheaval of betrayal by a significant other. Don’t spend too long on the healing process. Life is too short and forget winter, summer is coming. So use our “7 ways To Turn Lemons Into Lemonade” as a weeklong guide to rediscovering the fun and flirty you.


Monday: Block Your Ex and Request Your Crush

 Block Ex

You don’t want to risk seeing how they’re getting on fine without you. Instead, request that person you’d been eyeing before you met your ex-boo. Nothing boosts the ego more than a “Hey how are you” message in your Facebook inbox.


Tuesday: Become a Tinder-oni

Young woman in café with mobile phone

Swipe right like your life depended on it. Smile when the inevitable match happens. Then use our guide on how to Tinder like a boss help you fill up your social calendar. Caution, be light and have fun. Nothing too serious, too soon.


Wednesday: Plan a Hump Day Happy Hour Crawl

Get your besties together and bar hop to all the spots you used to frequent with your ex. Why? It will help you get over the “this was our spot” emotional wall and JUST in case you bump into them, you’ll have your crew around to support you.


Thursday: Create a TBT Meme-ory Board

Ex Meme

Get all those us-ies you took on date night together and make funny memes out of them. Make a photo album and send them to your BFF to help you make light of what you thought were some serious moments.


Friday: Create a “Lemonade” Playlist

Do this to prepare for Saturday’s festivities. Download the best “bye boy” (or girl) songs that can double as party anthems. Of course Bey is great for these, but also try Jazmine Sullivan and Mary J. Blige.


Saturday: Have an Emancipation Party

Get a fierce outfit, invite your friends to a nice lounge and let them know you’re free of your relationship shackles. Make sure you get in enough shots and flirt with the cute DJ.


Sunday: Turn Your Planned Bae-cation Into a Slay-cation.

Make it a group trip. Plan one day with a professional photographer. Make sure your squad is slayed to the gawds and IG/FB/Twitter tag the mess out of those photos.