Beyhive, it's time to buckle down and get ready for Beyoncé's seventh album! She announced the exciting news after this marketing plan.

Beyoncé Partners With HBCUs To Launch Formation Scholars Program

These albums stayed in rotation but which one made the biggest impact of the year?

When your favorite artist gets invited to the MTV VMAs, they get to perform their latest single. Beyoncé, on the other hand, gets to perform her latest album. Hey, life isn’t always fair. In fact, when it throws you lemons, just make LEMONADE like Bey did in this 15 minute performance: Hot damn! What an emotional […]

Scroll down your timeline and what will you find? Just Black Twitter, speakin’ their mind! Each week we feature the best tweets about five of the hottest topics on the net, and the best part is, the voices will be blacker than ever. Who knows? Your tweet may just end up in The Best of Black […]

On LEMONADE, Beyoncé uses “alleged” rough patches in her marriage to create music that inspires self-awareness, forgiveness, and redemption. There are a few other artists who have been in “rocky” relationships and could have a LEMONADE moment themselves. Could you imagine if they released their own versions of LEMONADE? We did…Here are 5 celeb albums inspired […]

Okay so now that we’re a few days removed from the Queen of Slay’s Lemonade “visual album” (aka super commercial for Tidal) we thought it necessary to give you the tools to channel your inner Bey in case you too are trying to navigate the emotional upheaval of betrayal by a significant other. Don’t spend too long […]

The thirst for new music from Beyoncé was quenched with Saturday night’s release of LEMONADE, an HBO film and visual album from thee Queen Bey. We had to rewatch it a few times to really get it (some of the concepts were a bit abstract) but here are 10 things we learned after watching LEMONADE: 1. […]