Lil’ Mo lets us know the difference between what’s real and what’s reality TV.

Why did you leave Chanté’s show?

I was over it at that point. Come on. This is your storyline? It just felt like the Divalogues; an extended, long, drawn out version. To me it was tacky. I had to go pick up my son.

Why did you find the need to try and force Chanté to go on the trip if she didn’t want to?

I didn’t know that it was a big surprise that they were planning for me, in Palm Springs at that point. She’ll say, “Can y’all come to this? Can y’all come to my church?” Everybody shows up. But, when it’s anybody else’s stuff, “Well, I don’t want anybody being mean to me”.

Why do you think she retreats when it comes to supporting and showing up for others?

I believe she’s being told everything she’s supposed to say and do. She wants to clean up her image from the second season. Don’t go where real life is going to happen.

How did you feel about the fight and Leela getting that upset?

It was a build up. There’s a thin line between real, and reality TV. Leela is from South Central. She’s from the streets. The old Leela would have cut you. People don’t know what we’ve been delivered from.

Were you hoping that K.D. would officially propose?

It was a total, complete surprise. I didn’t expect any of that because he was in training. I don’t even know how they got on the phone to plan because I know when he’s in training he’s a totally different person. I didn’t expect anything.

Now that we’re nearing the finale, what do you hope the audience learned about you this season?

Mo has always been real. I’ve been consistent. I haven’t changed my personality. The only thing I’ve changed is my hair color.