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Lil’ Mo opens up about her suicide attempt, Stacy’s “turnt up” side, and who should NOT return next season. Since this isn’t your first reunion show, what do you have to do to prepare? It’s everything: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically; you can’t just go into it green or just wide open. With reality TV […]

Diva Stacy Francis dishes on reunion, lies and not-so-sad goodbyes. How did you prepare for reunion? Were you nervous? I was very, very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. You don’t know how to prepare yourself because you don’t know what people are going to come with. You don’t know what they’re going to […]

Leela fills us in on why Chanté’s behavior took her over the edge. Was your approach the best way to let Chanté she was no longer welcome? First and foremost, no she hadn’t been participating. She also asked to receive a percentage of the proceeds of the charity project, which was not going to happen. […]

Lil’ Mo lets us know the difference between what’s real and what’s reality TV. Why did you leave Chanté’s show? I was over it at that point. Come on. This is your storyline? It just felt like the Divalogues; an extended, long, drawn out version. To me it was tacky. I had to go pick […]

On Her Surprising MC skills I grew up writing poetry and spoken word and the idea of expressing myself with words. Words is what I love. I grew up with 2pac and Biggie. I’m also a big fan of Slum Village. Really, I’m big on rappers that tell a story. I’m a huge Lauryn Hill […]

Chanté dishes on her issues with Stacy and why she REALLY asked for that one percent.  What dynamic do you think Brave and Stacy bring to the group that is different? Brave came first and she was introduced to the group almost immediately which I thought was good. It gave us time to get to […]

  Each week, the Divas give us exclusive insight into the new episode. This time, new Diva Stacy Francis gets real about her first episode. What dynamic do you think you and Brave now bring to the group? I think that there’s a freshness about Brave. She’s young and pretty and her dream is fresh […]

Leela James spills the tea on Brave’s “read” and opens up about her friend’s battle with cancer. How has the dynamic changed on the show, now that you have Brave and Stacy as part of the Divas? Is anything different? I’m cool. I’m fine. People have human emotions, especially with females; you have a whole […]