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As we continue to honor Women’s History Month, we want to continue to focus on the importance of sisterhood!

Here at TV One, we hold sisterhood to near and dear to our hearts. And what better way to highlight sisterhood by sharing our favorite Sister Circle moments with some of our favorite sisters: Trina Braxton, Syleena Johnson, Kiana Dancie, and Rashan Ali?

Without further ado, here are our favorite Sister Circle moments over the years!

1. Overcoming the Black Superwoman Syndrome

We have to start this list with an iconic moment!

Spirit, a nationally certified counselor, dropped some vital life gems as she taught assist us in letting go of the tension that black women experience on a daily basis as well as our Black Superwoman Syndrome.

2.Honoring Women

We could always count on the amazing hosts to honor life-changing women on Sister Circle!

In this clip, we saw the ladies lift up women such as Katherine Johnson, Beatrice Dixon, Oprah Winfrey, who were revolutionary to the mathematics, health, and television/media spaces in this full circle moment.

3. Equal Pay for Black Women

As Black women, we wear the Superwoman costume 25/8!

But when we will receive fully equal rights, such as equal pay? Syleena, Rashan, Trina, and Kiana dropped some valid points during this vital conversation.

4. Dear Younger Self

One thing we learned over the years is that life is a never-ending lesson, whether you’re learning to walk on your own path, failure, and or living to make every moment count!

In this clip, the hosts discussed the wisdom they would give their younger selves.

5. Dr. Tartt on the impact of loneliness

There are things we can all do to combat loneliness. Special guest, Dr. Alduan Tartt shared his tips on how to combat loneliness head on.

He suggested that if you ever experience loneliness while in a relationship, set aside a time to communicate without the interruption of social media and focus on your friend, family, or spouse.

For adults, go find a social group. Depending on your interests and hobbies, join a running, book, exercise, bible study, dance class, investment, etc. club or group, and then make friends there!

What are some of your favorite Sister Circle moments? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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