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If you know TV One, then you know we LOVE the iconic 90s sitcom, Living Single!

Actress Kim Fields, who portrayed the character Regina “Regine” Hunter opens up about the various hairstyles that Regine wore throughout the series.

And her reasoning, many of us can identify with!

“Here’s the big backstory about the Genesis of the whole idea of Regine wearing wigs; Kim Fields didn’t want to get her hair done every week,” the former child actress revealed.

Wigs are typically worn by black women as a form of protection for their hair. As most Black women are born with kinky, curly hair types, their hair is more prone to drying out and breaking off.

Wigs make a great protective style since they safely conceal your natural hair. Natural hair can grow longer and healthier if one decides to give their natural hair a rest from constant manipulation, styling daily, and environmental/heat damage.

As we analyze just how Black women express themselves through their hair, Black women throughout time can be seen expressing themselves through various beautiful hairstyles.

According to the National Insititutes of Health, it’s probable that Black women’s concerns over their hair are connected to their perceptions of their bodies’ beauty and self-worth.

Black women might have to deal with beauty standards that prioritize European ideals.   Black women consequently devote a lot of time and money to their hair. However, women who opt to wear their hair naturally could pay societal cost.

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“I had learned after 9 years in doing my hair every week in, week out on Facts of Life, I ain’t feel like doin all that. So, I wore this wig to the producers’ session – we just thought ‘well this could be kind of fun actually. Sometimes I wouldn’t even pin the [wig] on…I was almost wearing them like hats,” Fields said.

We’ve watched Fields rocked bobs, high ponytails, and other IT girl hairstyles. And we can honestly say that Regine Hunter ATE each hairstyle she wore!

What were your favorite hairstyles that Regina “Regine” Hunter rocked? Let us know below!

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