Fellas, What Do You Consider Red Flags While Dating?

by Jhanaya Belle

January 27, 2023

Photo by: TV One

Fellas, you know we couldn’t leave you out of the fun!

When we asked on social media, what some of the red signs you consider when dating, you all did not hold anything back!

And as we prepare for the debut of TV One’s all-new original dating series Asking for a Friend, you can be sure that we’ll introduce other men to your suggestions!

Let’s look at some of your BOLD RED FLAGS!

1. Cheating, and Deception

If you’re like us, then you’re on the same page as us. There isn’t anything worse than being with a cheater, and a relationship full of lies.

No cheaters, and no deception whatsoever will be tolerated.

2. Lying

First off, who is still lying within their relationship? It’s 2023 folks!

Caught them in a lie, and it’s time to dump them!

3. Pooting

Now this is a new one!

This fan quickly shared this red flag, and we never heard passing gas can be a deal breaker, especially if it’s “loud.”

Needless to say, we never gasped so loud!

4. When She Asks You for Money Shortly After Meeting?!

We saw this one a number of times! We don’t even know where to begin…

5. When She’s Been Single Over Three Years!

We didn’t know this was considered a red flag!

Wait a second! That’s how y’all really feel fellas?!

6. When She Has a Work Friend that You Don’t Know!

A number of y’all had us cracking up with this one.

Y’all stay safe out there in those dating streets!

7. When She Stops Complaining…

Now this is one that can make or break the relationship!

If you know, then you know…

8. When She Makes Excuses to Not See You!

This one is self-explanatory!

If she constantly makes excuses on why she can’t see you, SOUND OFF THE ALARMS!

While the dating scene might not be the most ideal these days, some brave singles are gearing up for a journey with their bestie to find love in TV One’s all-new original dating series.
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