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Ladies, we heard you LOUD AND CLEARLY when we asked on social media what some red flags you consider when dating!

And you know we are going to put other women on to your suggestions as we get ready for the premiere of TV One’s all-new original dating series Asking for a Friend!

In the true spirit of matchmaking, let’s take a look at some of these BOLD RED FLAGS, shall we?!

Monday through Friday Business Hours?!

When asked the question “Ladies, it’s a red flag when he…” this fan quickly blurted out “only reaches to you during Monday-Friday business hours ⏰.”

And we can’t and DON’T blame her!


A lot of women shouted that the simple verb of “breathing” to be a red flag!

Honestly this took us out! Give us your phone neoooow!


Stuttering and No Eye Contact!

Now some of you put the younger generation on when you said that it’s a red flag “when he stutters, can’t get the sentences to make sense in any coherent order, and can’t look 👀 you in your eyes 👀 when speaking. 😂 Ladies, we know that’s a liar 🤥.”

Boy, the dating scene is brutal!

How He Treats a Server While on a Date

A lot of ladies were in agreement when shouting out this red flag.

And we all know this is a clear indicator of how he treats everyone around him…

Not Dealing with His Family, or More Like His Family Doesn’t Deal with Him…

This Twitter user was spot on when she said “Says he doesn’t deal with his family especially his parents. Alot of times u may find out that it’s the family that actually doesn’t deal with him & it may be very good reason as to why. Some research may have to be done.”

*Jots this tweet down in our notes, phones, and everywhere else visible*

While the dating scene might not be the most ideal these days, some brave singles are gearing up for a journey with their bestie to find love in TV One’s all-new original dating series.
Do you trust your best friend enough to pick your next boo? See how it works out for the bestie duos in Asking for a Friend coming to Thursday Date Night on TV One.
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