Photo by: TV One

Love is in the air, but is all “love” good? Be extremely careful of who you’re vulnerable with…

TV One’s latest original film Under the Influence is right around the corner! The movie explores the dark, twisted, chilling dangers of when an experienced person who has been rehabilitated within programs like AA (Alcohol Anonymous) takes advantage of a newcomer, making their victims even “weaker!”

Let’s take a deeper dive into Danae Herndon’s backstory, shall we?

Danae, played by actress Denyce Lawton, is a strong woman who struggles with a domineering spouse, Robert Herndon, (played by actor Jared Wofford) while battling an alcohol addiction, and the desire to be regarded as a partner rather than a trophy wife.

During an attempt to help her husband land a lucrative opportunity at lavish party, Danae gets ill after having drinks. As she is cleaning herself up, a charming man named Seth Blackman (played by actor BJ Britt) helps her and recognizes that she is a fellow alcoholic and informs her about an AA program that can further help.

Robert swoops into “save” his wife from Seth, by getting her fresh air. While she is getting fresh air, she continues to drink and makes a horrific mistake that causes Robert to salvage the lucrative business deal.

A now furious Robert gives Danae an ultimatum, to get clean or he leaves.  Realizing how her drinking is a problem, Danae agrees to get the proper help to get sober by attending the 12-step program Seth recommended.

Or so she thinks…

To see just how Danae involuntarily lands herself in a detrimental, and life-threatening situation, be sure to catch the premiere of Under the Influence on Sunday, February 5th at 7p/6c.

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