Photo by: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

After a bomb threat caused security to remove the Godmother of Soul from the stage during her Christmas show in Milwaukee over the weekend, Patti LaBelle has declared that she is “OK.”

Following the event on December 10th, the 78-year-old icon provided her fans with an update in a post uploaded via her drummer Eric Seats’ Instagram Stories.

“Everything is fine. I’m OK,” she said. “We are all good because we woke up this morning.”

Two men, who appeared to be members of her security team, approached the Grammy Award-winning singer as she was interacting with a fan who was attending the concert to celebrate her 70th birthday, and accepting flowers from a different fan in the front row.

Just before being brought away, the performer shouted “Wait.”

Police Capt. Warren E. Allen Jr. stated in an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ““The building was searched by K9 units. No explosive devices were discovered. There is no threat to the public at this time.”

Patti had performed two songs prior to the forced evacuation of the building at around 9:24 p.m., concert attendee Catherine Brunson spoke with reporters.

The evacuation was captured on Facebook Live by Brunson, who revealed, “Somebody got on a microphone and said we have to evacuate the building because there was a bomb threat. We came out, and police had the block taped off. … A whole lot of people were pretty upset. … It’s scary.”

Scott Pierce, a different member of the audience, stated, “It happened so quickly, everybody very calmly exited the theater in a disbelieving manner. I heard lots of comments about how sad it was that someone would pull such a pathetic stunt.”

Pierce continued, “Before the incident, the crowd was really enjoying Patti. Just sad that someone does this.”

We are glad that the legend and her fans are safe after this scary incident!

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