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TV One knows the importance of REPRESENTation.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that our audiences see themselves on the big screen and also in the creatives who work behind the scenes. From the actors, directors, and producers to those in the writers’ room or on the set, there must be diversity and inclusion in every project.

The stars of Stranger Next Door sat down with us in digital-exclusive interviews and discussed why representation matters.

“We certainly need networks such as TV One to help keep alive the culture and history of people of African descent,” Tim Reid stated.

Vicky Jeudy shared her thoughts on how TV One incorporates representation into projects.

“I think it’s fantastic,” she said. “It’s a fantastic platform TV One has in terms of incorporating diversity.”

Skyh Black, who landed his first lead role in a film on Stranger Next Door, said it was an honor to work on this project for TV One.

“It feels good to be a part of something that your people created,” he expressed.

To ensure proper diversity, representation and the project was polished, television legend Victoria Rowell was brought on as the film’s director. 

“I think it encourages female empowerment and encourages diversity,” Jeudy stated as she reflected on working with Rowell.

Reid shared that he has witnessed Rowell’s transition from actress to director and it has been great to see.

“I’ve known Victoria for a quite a few years as I watched her transition from acting to buying a camera, being a well-trained director,” he said.

He continued: “And seeing the similarities of myself as a director and as an actor, I have watched her on the set and how she handled things. And I seen work directed herself, and I think it’s the hardest, most difficult things you can do.”

“Oh my Gosh, Victoria!” Skyh exclaimed when sharing his experience of working with the industry vet.

“She is probably the most nurturing, understanding directors that I have worked with thus far because she’s an actress.” He added that working with her was a magical experience.

Additionally, producer Jami McCoy-Lankford was clearly instrumental in the movie’s success.

A true female-led crew and project, talk about representation!

If you missed the premiere of Stranger Next Door, catch the re-airing on Thursday, July 14th at 11p/10c!

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