TV One knows the importance of REPRESENTation! Check out the stars of our latest thriller #StrangerNextDoor discuss why the importance of representation matters, and their experience of working with the legendary Victoria Rowell in digital-exclusive interviews.

We all know Tim Reid as a beloved on-screen #girldad, but get to know him a little better in answers to a series of rapid-fire questions!

Vicky Jeudy, the star of TV One original movie Stranger Next Door, shares her experience of working on set with legendary actor and on-screen #girldad, Tim Reid.

Where are all the #daddysgirls and #girldads? 💕 As we approach the premiere of TV One's latest suspense thriller #StrangerNextDoor, check out what Vicky Jeudy and Tim Reid had to say about the special father/daughter relationship displayed in the original movie!

Photo by: NBC / Contributor The sitcom series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a smashing success while on-air in the 1990s. However, the show had a change in the cast actress Janet Hubert was replaced within the third season. Actress Daphne Maxwell Reid secured the role of the nurturing yet frantic character Aunt Vivian. Although Reid was […]

Who says you should kick back and relax later in your career? Daphne Maxwell Reid is boldly pursuing her passions to this day!

Starring Drew Sidora, Jasmine Guy, Tim Reid and Kisa Willis, “Chasing Waterfalls” is the modern telling of the biblical Book of David transported to the cut-throat world of fashion. Sidora stars as Olivia, an up-and-coming fashion designer gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work for icon Salma Barrie (Guy). But things go out of […]