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As the premiere of TV One’s newest suspense thriller, Stranger Next Door approaches, we sat down with stars, Vicky Jeudy and Tim Reid to discuss one of the film’s themes: a special relationship between a father and his daughter.

Rochelle Sellers (played by Jeudy), a former police investigator, has experienced an unforgettable year. She divorced her husband and is compelled to testify against him as the key witness in a high-profile police corruption prosecution after being shot by an unidentified assailant and forced to resign.

In the midst of chaos, Rochelle decides to move back home and care for her sick father, Ernest (played by Reid), who shows signs of dementia.

As we look at the dynamic of Black fathers and their daughters, that representation on television is crucial for empowering real life #girldads and #daddysgirls around the world!

Tim Reid, one of the most iconic Black fathers on screen, is no stranger to showing up and being supportive of his daughters. Portraying Ernest Sellers on Stranger Next Door, an older and protective father that needs assistance, he still believes in his responsibility of taking care of his baby girl, not the other way around.

From his role as Ray Campbell on Sister Sister to tackling the role of Ernest, the 77-year-old actor shares why this dynamic is super important.

Coincidentally, Jeudy also raved at the intersection of art and reality in this film. As a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” in real life, Jeudy said it was a joy to work with a legend such as Tim Reid.

She also shared more about the experience on set, how he inspired her, and the moments/lessons that will always stay with her.

To see Vicky Jeudy and Tim Reid’s magical father/daughter dynamic in action, be sure to catch the premiere of  Stranger Next Door airing Sunday, July 10th at 9P/8C!

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