Ne-Yo says Black music speaks to his soul! If you can relate, tune into #TheSoundtrackOfBlackAmerica at the 2022 Urban One Honors, premiering on MLK Day only on TV One.

Ne-Yo is hosting Urban One Honors: The Soundtrack of Black America, premiering MLK Day 2022 on TV One.

During his emotional performance at the memorial service for George Floyd, Ne-Yo made a statement that has sparked controversy. 

Born and raised in Camden, Arkansas, Shaffer was raised by a single mother in a household filled with strong women role models that would serve as the inspiration for some of his biggest hits. With a father who was often abusing toward him and his mother, and then soon absent, Ne-Yo found out early on how important being a strong father figure would be to his future kids. Taking opportunities as a songwriter he was able to build a career before landing a record deal with Columbia Records – disagreeing with how they handled his career he left, resigned to songwriting before he was signed to Def Jam by L.A. Reid and could thrive as the artist he wanted to be.

Crystal Smith and Monyetta Shaw both have one thing in common, the love they have for the children they both share with Ne-Yo. While it hasn't always been easy, the trio have finally mastered co-parenting.

When did Ne-Yo know he could sing and how did the reaction of a few pretty girls change his life? The singer-songwriter reveals all.