Love Under New Management

From Love Under New Management to some of our hit shows, TV One has shot a lot of content in the state of Georgia. See what else is filming there right now.

We asked for your help in deciding who the next Unsung biopic should be, and boy, did you all have some great ideas! Scroll through the gallery below to see the best biopic ideas picked by YOU! JUST IN: A new trailer for Tupac Shakur’s biopic hit the net today! The actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr. is […]

Our first Unsung feature film, Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story was a success! We told you we wouldn’t let you down. Now we need your help: Who should be the next Unsung biopic? As we all know, casting is a very crucial part of the biopic game and we don’t want to […]

We snapped a few pics of the Love Under New Management cast and crew in all their lovely splendor while they were doing some press in New York earlier this week. Don’t they look fabulous?

So we had a crazy idea. We decided to take a millennial born around the time Miki Howard‘s music first debuted (in 1989) to review 5 of her popular hits. Can you believe they never heard Miki Howard’s music before? Cash in on their two cents below: 1. “COME SHARE MY LOVE” (1986) MILLENNIAL REVIEW: […]

Making a biopic about Miki Howard (played by Teyonah Parris) may seem like a random choice (yes, we saw that comment on social media) for our first ever Unsung feature film, but to us it only makes sense! Here are 5 reasons you (should) care about the story of Miki Howard: 1. SHE TOPPED THE CHARTS: […]

Have you heard? We’re releasing the first ever Unsung feature film about Miki Howard starring Teyonah Parris! Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story is something we are really proud of and cant wait to share with you on Sunday, June 12 7/6c! We understand that the waters of biopics can be very treacherous and […]

Teyonah Parris (“Survivor’s Remorse,” “Chiraq”) stars in TV One’s first Unsung feature film, “Love Under New Management” — the amazing story of R&B singer Miki Howard. Before becoming a Grammy Award-nominated singer, Howard was a homeless teenager who was forced to fend for herself to a struggling singer desperate for love, attention and success to a […]