"For My Man" is true-crime series that features the salacious and shocking stories of women who have been arrested for a crime they did in the name of love!

On October 20th, 2006, a janitor discovers a lifeless body near a dumpster. As New Jersey police start to unravel the story they discover that a young woman is in the center of the crime.

As a young, troubled woman tries to get her life back on track from a life of crime, she meets a man who understands her. Quickly after meeting this former bad boy, she is down for whatever comes with him. As these two lovers fall back into a life of crime, she must choose the road of chaos or the road of redemption.

Latasha Hudson, a young, single mother dreams about building a family unit for her daughter as she provides for her daughter.

In February 1992 after several run-ins with the Waycross Police, Pamela O'Hara flees to Sacramento California at the direction of her boyfriend and drug lord Eugene Edmond. While she's in hiding, Pamela is having a tough time leaving her children behind.

A newly divorced mother falls in love with the town's most dangerous man and turns a blind eye to how he earns his outlandish income. As a result, she becomes deeply entangled in his dangerous world, putting all of her loved ones in immediate danger.

On April 24th, 2017, a 37-year-old woman named Dora Klein discovers her 61-year-old mother's house is ablaze, running to her aid when she discovers the situation is worse than what she's thought.

A man named Roger discovers his neighbor Miguel Hernandez is severely injured after witnessing a small crowd running and screaming. A young teenaged girl might be the accomplice of the crime, her boyfriend committed.

After a bubbly and spiritual mother meets her soulmate, they fall for each other immediately. After getting married quickly, their lives seem like a fairy tale. But a curse seems to be placed and their marriage hits rock bottom. This bubbly and spiritually inclined mother is devoted to making her marriage work. How will far will she go?

When a young couple falls in love and starts a family everything seems like a dream come true for a young, single mother. However, this dream instantly turns into a nightmare when her boyfriend puts an infant's and child's lives in danger. Facing this situation, this young mother must choose between her relationship or her maternal instincts.

One of the most devious, and dangerous organized crime families based in the Bronx, and Harlem called The Preachers' Crew gains the attention of the NYPD and F.B.I. While trying to build a case on each member of the Preachers' Crew, the F.B.I. has their sight on the ringleader Preacher, also known as The Black Hand of Death.

After being swept off of her feet after enduring multiple heartbreaks, a lively mother becomes vulnerable by a wealthy gentleman. Subsequently, realizing she is trapped in her boyfriend's secretive, and deadly web of deceit she must figure out a way to climb out of this wicked vortex.