She's on the mend from a bad marriage. Can she trust her heart again? You don't want to miss Deborah Joy Winans powerful performance as Jeanne in 'Don't Waste Your Pretty' on Sunday at 8P/7C.

Michael’s thought-provoking question for Jeanné leads the two down memory lane. The flame that’s been burning for years is finally beginning to rekindle.

When Mykah reaches a wall in her love life, her friends decide to take matters into their own hands and set her up on a date-a-thon. What could possibly go wrong?

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A group of tightly knit friends sort out their turbulent life issues and love lives -- always turning to one another to figure out their next move when jobs, romance, or family interactions prove more complicated than they had ever anticipated.

Deborah Joy Winans is a part of Gospel's most famous family and one of the stars of Greenleaf -- but it doesn't mean life was easy for the niece of BeBe, CeCe and Marvin Winans. She opens up about growing up a Winans on Life + Lyrics.

Known for her role as Charity Greenleaf, Deborah Joy Winans -- yes THAT Winans, tells us her favorite curse word, what hit song she wish she would've wrote, how much money she's spent on someone and much more in a hilarious game of Too Many Damn Questions.