Too Many Damn Questions

Bobby V reveals his Mount Rushmore of singers, how to avoid red flags, reveals his favorite way to make a woman blush In Too Many Damn Questions.

Singer/songwriter Isaac Carree is famously known for his Gospel music, but do you know the brokest he's ever been? What about the one food he will absolutely not eat? Then there's his favorite part on a woman's body that leaves us in stitches. Watch Isaac Carree play, Too Many Damn Questions.

What's the worst career advice he's ever taken? What's his favorite part of his body? 90s R&B legend Q Parker of 112 plays Too Many Damn Questions.

What's the bravest thing Travis Greene has ever done? If you guessed perform at Donald Trump's inauguration you'd be right! Find out the proudest moment of the Gospel singer's career, what he needs every morning, his biggest weakness and more!

Known for her role as Charity Greenleaf, Deborah Joy Winans -- yes THAT Winans, tells us her favorite curse word, what hit song she wish she would've wrote, how much money she's spent on someone and much more in a hilarious game of Too Many Damn Questions.

Think you know Gospel singer James Fortune? From the hardest thing about staying in love to the celebrity who text him last -- James plays a hilarious game of Too Many Damn Questions.

Can you believe BeBe Winans last dream was about his ex-wife? He also reveals which R&B singer should've had a career in gospel, the most amount of money he's spent on a woman and more in 'Too Many Damn Questions'.

What does Mario wear to bed? How about his favorite curse word or the one thing he has from his childhood? The 32-year-old singer plays 'Too Many Damn Questions'.

In honor of his 56th birthday, we asked DL Hughley the most random and hilarious questions. His answers were equal parts intriguing and awe-inspiring.