We're The Campbells

We’re The Campbells

An intimate glimpse into the lives of gospel entertainment power couple Warryn and Erica Campbell, as they tackle the everyday struggles that come with balancing family and work, nurturing their marriage, building their individual careers, and fostering their faith; all while raising their three children Warryn, Zaya and teenager Krista

We're The Campbells | Ep1 It's A Stellar Weekend

We're The Campbells | It's A Stellar Weekend

41 minutes

“We’re The Campbells” is a new docuseries featuring Erica and Warryn Campbell along with their dynamic family and friends. We’ll follow the ups and downs as they juggle multiple careers while fighting to keep their faith – and family – intact.

We're The Campbells | Ep2 Check Please

We're The Campbells | Check Please

41 minutes

Erica performs at the Stellar Awards and then heads home only to discover Warryn needs surgery. Tension flairs between them when she’s back on the road and he’s home recovering so they decide it’s time for a love check-in when she returns.

We're The Campbells | Ep3 Get Up and Go

We're The Campbells | Get Up and Go

41 minutes

Erica flies to Dallas to do her radio show and goes a little too far on air with her cohost, Griff, and then questions the higher-ups about policy. After talking to MC Lyte, Joi decides to leave Warryn’s label. Goo gets some great news.

We're The Campbells | Ep4 Color Me Blind

We're The Campbells | Color Me Blind

40 minutes

Erica’s daughter, Krista, struggles with self-esteem because of her dark skin tone. Joi faces colorism in the music industry as well prompting her to question leaving the business altogether. Warryn asks Erica to co-preach with him at Church.

We're The Campbells Ep6 | Birthday, Party of Two

We're The Campbells | Birthday, Party of Two

41 minutes

Erica and Wozy celebrate their birthdays together but Warryn misfires with a string of lame birthday presents to Erica or perhaps that’s all part of the plan. Joi records a music video for her new single, Cocoa Butter.

We're The Campbells Ep8 | Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We're The Campbells | Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

41 minutes

Erica’s plans for a hair music festival to promote her wig line are put in jeopardy when she and Warryn decide to shoot a music video for their duet, “All of My Life.” Warryn discovers Krista has been wearing makeup to school without permission.

We're The Campbells Ep9 | All Of My Life

We're The Campbells | All Of My Life

41 minutes

Joi returns from touring and shows the family her Atlanta concert. Goo shares news about her potential clothing line. Erica and Warryn have to work on their 17 year anniversary when they perform together for the first time ever.