1. Tyler Lepley as Jaxon Hollie

Hollie is a college-educated boxer who had to raise his brother and sister after their parents died. Loyal, almost to a fault, Hollie is up against Spencer “Timber” Collier.

2. Jackie Long as Payton Waiters

Best friend-turned-manager, Payton has a bit of gambling issue that interferes with managing Jaxon. Not to mention, he thinks Jaxon might be in over his head taking on Spencer.

3. Tequan Richmond as TC

Jaxon’s younger brother is a wanna-be rapper and more than a bit immature.

4. Allen Maldonado as Spencer Timber Collier

The Middleweight Champion of the World, Collier is a cocky thug who is eager to take on Jaxon and less so to take a drug test.

5. Raney Branch as Indera

A photographer hired to cover Jaxon for his upcoming bout with Collier, Indera catches the boxer’s eye.

6. Julissa Bermudez as Carmen Santiago

A well-known groupie who has brought down many an athlete, Carmen sets her sights on Jaxon as her next goal.

7. Sevyn Streeter as Selita

Strong-headed and a bit too sexy for her older brother’s taste, Selita is one more thing for Jaxon to worry about.

8. Kwame Patterson as Fee

The biggest producer in the game is not only working on TC’s album but maybe making moves on Selita.

9. Da’Vone McDonald as Gofer

Jaxon’s longtime friend and bodyguard, Gopher is not exactly eager to jump into the mix when he’s needed.

10. Charlamagne Tha God as Stayvon Royal

The loud-mouthed boxing promoter who is a constant thorn in Jaxon’s side.