1. David Quinn

Joined the Atlanta Police Department (APD) a short time after high school and worked as a beat cop in some of Atlanta’s most dangerous neighborhoods before getting promoted to Homicide Detective in 2000. He used his finely-tuned street smarts and abilities to connect with people from all walks of life and achieve a high solve rate. Since retirement, he has continued as a consultant to the APD.

2. Vince Velazquez

After time in the Air Force, Vince walked away from a very lucrative career as an airline engineer to become a cop. He spent years in the dangerous Narcotics division before being promoted to Homicide. He brought a high level of technical ability and attention to detail to the table, not to mention a lot of smoothness. Since retirement, Vince has started a successful security consulting business.

3. Detectives David Quinn & Vince Velazquez

Atlanta Police Department veterans, David Quinn and Vince Velazquez have spent fifteen years working side by side in the homicide division.

4. Detectives David Quinn & Vince Velazquez

Tackling hundreds of cold cases, from everyday ‘who-done-its’ to high-profile murder mysteries, the two have a visible, visceral chemistry out in the field and have put killer after killer behind bars.