1. Clinton is Better Than Trump

While 61% of Americans agree that Donald Trump’s campaign has worsened racial tensions, 42% think Hillary Clinton would do a better job at repairing the damage.

2. Everyone Wants Better Police

When it comes to improving police/civilian interactions, most agree that things like body cameras and racial sensitivity training will help.

3. Everyone Generally Likes the Police

84% and 74% of all Americans report recent, positive interactions with the police. However, Black Americans are much more concerned about their interactions with the police than their White counterparts.

4. Race Relations in the Age of Obama

While 63% of White Americans feel race relations have worsened under President Obama, only 38% of Black Americans agree.

5. Why “Black Lives Matters”

An overwhelming 72% of all Americans say they understand why the Black Lives Matter movement is important but 64% of White Americans see the movement as “divisive.”

6. We All Care About Police Deaths, Not the Same for Civilian Deaths

The study reveals all Americans are disturbed by the murder of police officers, but more Black Americans feel the same concern for civilians killed by cops (Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, etc.) than White Americans.

7. 91% of All Americans Say Discrimination Against Black is Real

While 70% of Black Americans see discrimination as a major issue, an equal 70% of White Americans do NOT see racial discrimination as a huge problem.